About LoveBug Design

"Faith, hope and love...The greatest of these is love..." As a designer, this is what I stand by! Though I am not yet a mama, I love, and have always loved, little ones. Some say this love stems from my inability to grow up...and they may be right!! Since my own childhood, I was completely in love with playing dress-up and expressing my own creativity. This fact has changed very little, and has blossomed into this line of children's wear, with my hand-drawn prints, that can go from school to play everyday!!


Children have a creative and playful spirit about them, and keeping that alive is very important as they grow and mature. Whether it be a child I've known for years or one I've just met, helping them feel beautiful, special, creative and loved are the things I strive for with LoveBug Design. I hope your little LoveBug can play dress-up and express creativity everyday!