WELCOME to SG studios...an integration of the mind, body, and presence unlike any other. Shelby Grunder, the designer and trainer inside the company, is passionate about helping you find a more CONFIDENT you!


Find confidence in your presence...Armed with a degree in Apparel Design from Iowa State University, Shelby can help you transform the way you feel about yourself in that little black dress through the art of alterations, or can even work with you to design something completely one-of-a-kind to knock them off their feet! Shelby loves and is very practiced in creating original designs. Click below to take a look!

Find Confidence In your body...The fitness practice created by Joseph Pilates was originally designed to strengthen his body and aide his own physical ailments, but quickly turned into an exercise geared towards strengthening damaged muscles that stems completely from core strength. Shelby fell in love with the Pilates practice at a young age and has used it to rehab, lengthen and strenghten her own body. Give one of the classes she offers a try, and see how much more confident you can feel in your own body!